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Yasaka L-65 Scissors
Yasaka L-65 Scissors
Yasaka L-65 Scissors

Yasaka L-65 Scissors

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Impeccable Design, Faultless Manufacturing

Exceptional scissors perfected over 50 years of manufacturing. Yasaka hair scissors feature ‘clam shaped’ blades which have been sharpened using a method unique to Yasaka. Made from special stainless steel with superior tenacity and wear resistance. Impeccable design, Japanese technology and faultless manufacturing- no wonder Yasaka is so highly regarded in the hairdressing industry.

The high quality Cobalt Japanese steel ensures that these last for years to come with constant effortless cuts. The unique ergonomic design is perfect for professionals cutting for hours on end, as it places your finger and thumb in a natural comfortable position that reduces stress. The lightweight and firm grip also reduces pressure off your wrist and elbow.

  • Made from stainless steel
  • 6.5” hand-honed blades
  • Convex edge
  • Hollow ground
  • Large finger holes
  • Removable finger rest
  • Teardrop thumb holes
  • Off-set design
  • Coin adjustable tension
  • Includes protective zip pouch