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WAHL Magic Clip Cordless Blade Set
WAHL Magic Clip Cordless Blade Set

WAHL Magic Clip Cordless Blade Set

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The Wahl Stagger-Tooth blade is designed for Magic Clip and 5 Star Senior clippers (among others) and is a wildly popular blade for professional barbers. The unique stagger-tooth design makes a "crunch" noise when cutting through hair, and the two-level teeth make it effective at cutting quickly.

This replacement blade will return your Wahl hair clippers back to the same sharpness that they had when they were brand new. That makes for faster, more efficient cutting and reducing tugging on the hairs. For full compatibility, see details below.


Model: 2161
Compatible with: Suits Wahl Super Taper, Super Taper II, Pro Basic, Icon, 5-Star Senior*, Magic Clip*, Reflections Senior* (*standard blade)

  • Rust-resistant stainless steel material
  • Stagger-tooth design creates "crunch" sound when cutting
  • Cuts effectively even when hair is fed quickly through blade
  • Suits 5 Star Senior, Magic Clip and more
  • Brand new in original retail packaging
  • Includes small oil tube and screws
  • Made in USA