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Taylor Weir Compatible - Cert III Hairdressing Equipment

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This kit can be adjusted to your requirements by request.

Iceman hand honed 5.5 scissors

Iceman hand honed 5.5 thinners

Wahl Taper 2000 Clipper including attachments

Wahl Cut throat razor with disposable blades

Toyama Professional Hair Razor and disposable blades

Olivia Garden Nanothernic Ceramic & Ion Brushes -12mm, 18mm, 24mm, 34mm, 44mm, and 54mm

Brushworx Gold Ceramic Hot Tube Hair Brush Extra Large - 70mm

Brushworx Brazilian Bronze Paddle Brush

Brushworx Keratin Silk Medium Boar Brush

Brushworx Oval Porcupine Brush

Wetbrush Detangling Brush 

Robert de Soto -Denman Style cushion Brush - 7 row

Brushworx Tewasing Brush 

Denman Precison 7" cutting comb

Krest Cleopatra Tapered Barbers Comb

Fortress Tail comb- plastic

Fortress Tail Comb - metal

Wahl Flat Topper Barbers Comb

Fortress Extra wide Shampoo Rake Comb

Brushworx Crystal Neck Brush 

Wahl Supadryer - black

Silver Bullet Vibe Hair Straightening iron

Pro hair sectioning clips - 2 packs of 6

Professional Round Spray Bottle

Fine Hair Nets - 2 packs 

Professional Swiss Rollers Green, Yellow and Orange - 3 packs of each (each pack containers 6 rollers)

Medium Metal Roller Pins - 1 pack

Waterproof protective apron

Re-usable Robert de soto Gloves pack of 4