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Jaguar Pastell Plus Lava Thinners

Jaguar Pastell Plus Lava Thinners

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The black design of the texturing scissors JAGUAR PASTELL PLUS 40 LAVA looks extremely cool. It is available in the classic handle shape (in size 5.0") as well as in the offset variant (in size 5.5"). With 40 thinning teeth, these hairdressing scissors facilitate modeling and thin out the hair finely. They are reliable texturing scissors for both female and male haircuts. The JAGUAR WHITE LINE promises a diverse selection. The scissors models of the PASTELL PLUS collection are not only colourful, they also have a high-quality metallic coating that offers protection against nickel allergies. 


All hairdressing scissors and texturing scissors have the JAGUAR WHITE LINE's tried and tested cutting properties. Thanks to the processing of the forged special steel, the classic blades with a flat cutting angle ensure very good sharpness. These texturing scissors’ 40 finely toothed thinning teeth ensure a safe and precise cut. The tooth tips of the PASTELL PLUS 40 are specially equipped to prevent the hair from slipping away. This makes these texturing scissors very suitable for styling transition cuts.


Thanks to the forged special steel and the additional ice hardening, which allow the special cut of these hairdressing scissors, we achieve a very good sharpness and long edge retention of the cutting edges. The black "Lava” decorative colour not only gives these hair scissors their cool appearance, they are also of the best quality. This high-quality metallic coating also protects against nickel allergies.


The classic handle shape provides a traditional cutting feel, with the two handle rings symmetrically superimposed. The offset designensures an ergonomic grip position. The offset (inclined) handles relieve the hand and elbow so that you can work relaxed. The pinkie can be conveniently placed on the (removable) finger hook and the hairdressing scissors can be guided safely. The screw system, in conjunction with the blades, ensures easy and very good movement, which makes cutting with the texturing scissors pleasantly easy. Make sure you have the perfect setting. Too loose or too tight? - With the VARIO screw system, you can easily readjust the tension with a coin.


All JAGUAR WHITE LINE hair scissors are supplied with matching, high-quality finger rings. In order to avoid pressure points, we only use quality insert rings "Made in Germany" for our JAGUAR hairdressing scissors.

  • Texturing scissors with fine teeth
  • Protection against nickel allergy
  • Large color selection
  • VARIO screw system