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Iceman Blade Series 5.5” Hairdressing Thinners

Iceman Blade Series 5.5” Hairdressing Thinners

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Affordable Quality

Iceman Blade Series 5.5” Thinner is an amazingly affordable scissor without compromising on renowned Iceman quality. Ideal for apprentices or as a backup pair of thinners in the salon or your hairdressing kit. Made from cobalt stainless steel for maximum long-lasting sharpness. Comfortable and well-balanced for use all day, every day. Offset design. From the masters of the scissors world!

  • Offset design
  • 5.5” with 34 teeth
  • Cobalt stainless steel
  • Convex edge and hand-honed blades
  • Removable finger rest and standard thumb curvature
  • Perfect for thinning any length of hair, wet or dry
  • Includes protective storage case